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Hardy Daily Essential Nutrients Unflavoured Powder 756g

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This NEW and IMPROVED Daily Essential Nutrients Unflavoured Powder is our clinical-strength micronutrient formula in powder form. It provides the solid nutritional foundation the brain and body need to perform optimally.*   This unflavored powder works well with juice, flavored milks,...

This NEW and IMPROVED Daily Essential Nutrients Unflavoured Powder is our clinical-strength micronutrient formula in powder form. It provides the solid nutritional foundation the brain and body need to perform optimally.*   This unflavored powder works well with juice, flavored milks, and smoothies. 

The new Daily Essential Nutrients powder has been tested by the pickiest kiddos and the most discerning adults. It passes the sniff test, the taste test, and even the solubility test: it dissolve easily in any liquid—including water! And we've kept our commitment to abstain from using unhealthy additives. The new DEN powder is:

  • Sugar-free
  • Aspartame-free
  • Free of unhealthy additives or dyes
  • Soy-free
  • Vegan
  • Liquid-soluble
  • Delicious!

We could not be more excited to announce the additions of the new Daily Essential Nutrients powder to our line-up of micronutrient therapy products. The powder contains the Daily Essential Nutrients formulation you have come to love and trust, backed by multiple independent university studies for safety and effectiveness. Daily Essential Nutrients remains, in its powder and capsule form, the world's most research-backed micronutrient formulation for mood and mental health.

For ideas on how to take the powder, see our user-submitted recipes.  If you prefer capsules, we recommend our Daily Essential Nutrients in vegetarian-friendly capsules.

If you don't have a clinical diagnosis and you're looking for a high-quality general health formula, check out our Men's and Women's Optimal Balance.

Daily Essential Nutrients - A Natural Alternative For Mood Disorders

Daily Essential Nutrients is a clinical-strength formula created by Hardy Nutritionals that
provides the solid nutritional foundation your brain and body need to perform optimally. It is backed by more independent mental health research than any other vitamin-mineral formulation.
To see more of this evidence and videos of Hardy Nutritionals and other professionals click this link  conclusive proof the power of essential nutrients 
 Or Read Product Reviews from Health Professionals and other customers.

More Information About Daily Essential Nutrients:

Daily Essential Nutrients is used in private practice by healthcare professionals around the world
for the treatment of various conditions, especially mood and anxiety-related disorders such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, OCD, and anxiety disorders. Count on it to deliver results beyond anything seen with other products for these key reasons:*
  • Completeness. Every biological process requires multiple essential nutrients. Daily Essential Nutrients delivers every essential vitamin and mineral you need to fortify your body against serious problems like chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and even brain cell degeneration.*
  • Form.Daily Essential Nutrients is powered by our proprietary NutraTek™ mineral delivery technology, which combines each mineral with organic molecules—just like nature. This optimizes mineral absorption and enables vital nutrients to efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier, enhancing neuron structure and function.*
  • Balance. The level of each ingredient is calculated to maintain the natural ratios of nutrients in your body that are critical to promote optimal cognitive function, mental clarity, focus, and mood stability.*

Experience a refreshing new level of wellness with Daily Essential Nutrients!*

For Frequently Asked Questions about using Daily Essential Nutrients click here

We recommend that you work closely with your healthcare professional to help ensure that you realize the best results. Detailed information for healthcare professionals can be found in our Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals

Daily Essential Nutrients Suggested Use :

Start with a half scoop per day. Increase to 1 level scoop 3 times per day or as recommended by a physician. 1 level scoop contains the equivalent of 4 capsules of Daily Essential Nutrients, and is designed to be mixed with at least 1 cup of fruit smoothie, yogurt, juice, or other flavored liquid of choice. Store Daily Essential Nutrients Powder in a cool, dry place. (For more information about dosage, see Things to Discuss with Your Doctor.)

At the recommended therapeutic dose (1 level scoop 3 times per day), a bottle of Daily Essential Nutrients Powder lasts 30 days.

You can take Daily Essential Nutrients Powder at any meal or snack you find convenient. It’s ideal to take Daily Essential Nutrients Powder with the same meals every day so it becomes part of your daily routine.

It is possible to take the full daily dose of Daily Essential Nutrients Powder at once. There’s no danger in this. However, we recommend that you split your daily dose into at least 2 doses (preferably 3) in order to increase absorption and ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs throughout the day.

For more detailed information on Daily Essential Nutrients, see Indications & Dosage and Treatment Guidelines in the Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals.

Note: Medication doses should be monitored by a physician while taking Daily Essential NutrientsResearch indicates that psychoactive drugs may need to be gradually reduced or eliminated during nutrient therapy to avoid over-medication effects.* For physician product information, call 1-855-955-1114.

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