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Resource and Rebalance Me is proud to be associated with wellness retreats that help participants adopt healthy balanced lifestyles, and raise their cellular frequency.

These are held on the magical island of Gozo, Malta, and in the ancient sacred landscape near Glastonbury Tor, UK.

The detox retreat is a juice fast and raw food retreat with yoga, meditation, and therapies. It helps clear the system and offers relaxation, a space of love and care along with fun and special excursions..

 The Optimal Shift Retreat is designed to raise your cellular frequency with a nutritionally balanced lifestyle programme that you can continue in your life, along with clearing work through constellation therapy, Colourpuncture, Yoga Nidra, mindfulness and breathwork that will have a lasting effect on your state of being in the world.

The venues are luxury eco spas, and the team of therapists is handpicked to deliver the optimal shift goals. 

Please take a look at Optimal Shift Retreats and Detox Retreats to see the next dates and make your booking !