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Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™ Liquid

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This Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™with Fulvic Acid contains extremely bioactive substances rich in low molecular weight fulvic compounds (Fulvic Minerals and Fulvic Acids). These are the end product of decomposition of once living prehistoric plant matter.Our source material is not a single...

This Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™with Fulvic Acid contains extremely bioactive substances rich in low molecular weight fulvic compounds (Fulvic Minerals and Fulvic Acids). These are the end product of decomposition of once living prehistoric plant matter.Our source material is not a single consistent substance, but is a highly varied, rare and complex substance reflecting the nature of its origin, and also the nature of the specific species of microbes responsible for its creation during the humification process (the process of plant matter breakdown). These substances contain extremely complex molecules (fulvic compounds) made up primarily of highly protective and seemingly immortal plant phytochemicals that are combined and recombined during the humification (decomposition) process, having been digested by various species and millions of successive generations of microbes, ultimately becoming one of the most complex natural substances on earth.

Fulvic minerals contain latent solar energy that is hidden deep within their complex molecular structure originating from photosynthesis of the gigantic plants of origin. They are partly responsible for the unusual properties and bioactive nature of our Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™with Fulvic Acid.

Always take Pure Organic Fulvic Concentrated Minerals with de-chlorinated or bottled water?

The chemical chlorine can react with fulvic and may create toxins as a result. This is why city water systems actually have humic and fulvic acids removed as part of the processing. (yet another reason for needing to replace them naturally with a good quality supplement, and Fulvic-Infused Pure Organic Concentrated Minerals is the best on the market!). The culprit that causes toxins is not the fulvic infusion, but the chlorine. Therefore, for taking fulvic-infused products internally, we recommend using filtered/bottled water or juice made with filtered/bottled water. Pure coconut water is especially good, as it has many other additional benefits. The Features:
  1. Contains antioxidant minerals – organic selenium, zinc, manganese, copper and others.
  2. Contains 18 Amino Acids – formed over the course of 38 million years – proof of its plant and organic origin.
  3. More than 70 electrolytes in the most effective form known to science - each mineral electrolyte carries its own unique bio-electric signature.
  4. Highest fulvic content per serving available – our fulvic acid content is always 4% to 8% the highest concentration of true “acidic” fulvic acid in the marketplace and it is 100% dissolved.
  5. Completely of plant origin – Only true plant origin minerals can be water extracted, as for our fulvic mineral.
  6. Contains nature’s most bio-ionically transferable minerals and trace elements – no other mineral product can deliver all the natural ingredients contained in our unique fulvic minerals.
  7. Convenient – Delivered in a capsule form.
The Potential Benefits:
  1. Better energy that remains more stable throughout the day – trace minerals are involved with virtually every organ and cell function in the body. Lack of even one of these trace elements can cause you to feel sluggish – run down – sometimes for no apparent reason.
  2. More restful and sound sleep. – Trace minerals aid in the balance and function of our glands especially the adrenal glands – balanced adrenals makes quality sleep possible.
  3. Clearer mind and brain function – the brain and its cells require 12 times more oxygen than other body cells. Trace minerals bound to fulvic acid will impart and supply a trickle charge of bio-electrical energy so vital for healthy cell function. Each mineral or trace element carries a unique frequency of bio-electrical energy.
  4. More balanced appetite – Fulvic minerals will increase the absorption of nutrients from foods and supplements – the more nutrients that are absorbed from each meal the more balanced will be the appetite. If you’re always hungry even though you eat volumes of food you are more than likely deficient in one or more minerals or trace elements.
  5. Better absorption of nutrients from foods and supplements – it does little good to take certain vitamins if you lack certain trace elements or minerals that are required to utilize and absorb them. Since your body makes no minerals one must rely on a viable source to supplement today’s mineral deficient foods. The first supplement to consider taking is trace minerals – once you have a regular supply entering the system taking other nutrients is more beneficial and economical.
  6. Healthy Hair and Skin – A lack of trace minerals like silicon can cause your hair and skin to become brittle, dry and unhealthy looking. This is usually due to a lack minerals especially zinc, silicon and copper.
  7. Increased stamina and athletic performance – supply your muscle, ligament and tendon cells with more than 70 electrolytes all in the most effective form.
  8. Eases the aches and pains of exercise – maintaining proper electrolyte levels throughout and after your exercise routine will greatly reduce the “sore muscle syndrome” often made more severe from lack of certain trace electrolytes no longer abundant in foods.
  9. Soothes the aches and pains of Arthritis - Fulvic trace minerals insure that the body has what it needs to manufacture anti-inflammatory enzymes thus reducing the pain and swelling associated with arthritic conditions.

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