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"Our mission is to help keep your body in its perfect balance - to optimise health, recovery and longevity - using methods based on nature and latest research. Follow these 4 steps to wellness"
Step 1 - Hydration & Oxygenation
Hydration, Oxygenation and Acid/Alkaline Balance - the basics of life - make sure you are getting it right!
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Step 2 - Detox
Remove Toxins, do Internal Cleansing to remove old built up mucoid plaques, ensure Digestive Health to improve absorption of nutrients It's all in our Power Box Detox!
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Step 3 - Nourish
Flood the body with nutrients; superfoods and herbs; replace missing essentials with supplementation; achieve cellular balance
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Step 4 - Harmonise
Enjoy mood and mind at ease; sleep well, make lifestyle shifts and enjoy protection in the environment
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01278 448271